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Britney and Graham are currently training professional diabolo teachers in Taiwan to use English to teach diabolo. Taiwan is promoting bilingual teaching and many teachers are looking to get their bilingual teaching certificate. To help them practice, Britney and Graham will be matching those interested in free lessons with the teachers in training. Keep in mind these teachers are practicing and learning English so they won't be too fluent. But if that's not a problem for you, you'll be learning and getting tips from very experienced professional coaches while helping them with their English in return. Both Britney and Graham will be overlooking the lessons to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you are interested, take 2 seconds to sign up with the link below. Britney will then send you an email and you can reply saying what area you are interested in strengthening whether it is 1D, 2D, vertax, 3D, or even performance and choreography. This is a very very popular program they are offering worldwide so spots are NOT guaranteed. But it doesn't hurt to sign up and see what happens! You have nothing to lose and much to gain so don't pass up this amazing opportunity!!

See you all in the lessons! 

Done classes

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Teacher: Tony Hsieh from Taiwan

Student: Mio from Finland

Work on: vertex 

Date: 2021.6.28

Teacher: Khonney from Malaysia

Student: Celeste from Argentina

Work on: beginner 2D trick 

Date: 2021.2.16

Teacher: Jason from Taiwan

Student: Lucie from the Netherlands

Work on: 2D shuffle 

Date: 2020.7.25

Teacher: Robin from Taiwan

Student: Andrew Russell from the UK

Work on: feed the sun

Date: 2020.7.30

Teacher: Stanely from Taiwan

Student: Jason from Boston USA

Work on: vertex genocide 

Date: 2020.8.2

Teacher: Patty from Taiwan

Student: Christoph from Austria

Work on: 2D shuffle

Date: 2020.8.6

Teacher: Dada from Taiwan

Student: Aaron from Oklahoma USA

Work on: 3D shuffle

Date: 2020.8.7

Teacher: Anne from Taiwan

Student: Isabelle from Florida USA

Work on: 1D tricks

Date: 2020.8.10

Teacher: Charles from Taiwan

Student: Claudia from Michigan USA

Work on: 2D trick

Date: 2020.8.11

Teacher: Britney from Taiwan

Student: Tiziano from Rome Italy

Work on: 1D acceleration

Date: 2020.8.17

Teacher: Pen Zan from Taiwan

Student: Mat from New Zealand

Work on: 2D tricks

Date: 2020.8.5

Teacher: Henry from Taiwan

Student: Jeev from the UK

Work on: 1D sun

Date: 2020.8.20

Teacher: Eric from Taiwan

Student: Claudius from Germany

Work on: 2D tricks

Date: 2020.8.16

Teacher: Mr. Lai from Taiwan

Student: Andy from Toronto, Canada

Work on: 3D shuffle 

Date: 2020.7.15

Teacher: Graham Lo from NYC, USA

Student: Aditya Tiwari from India

Work on: Infinite suicide 

Date: 2020.7.29

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